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Diamonds have always generated strong emotions and attracted all kinds of adventure seekers. On the map of the world, among the places where the earth surface was wounded by miners’ picks there are: South Africa, Canada, Russia, Brazil. One of the biggest producer of diamonds is Australia...

Grab this beautiful, precious stone. Let its blaze reflects in your eyes and sparks diamonds fever in your heart. Invest in your own mine in Australia and start exciting adventure. Just maybe, among rubies and sapphires , you will discover the most valuable diamond. Though, be careful! The work of miners is very difficult and risky. It takes knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit. You have to be consistent to reach your goals as much as agile in your decisions. Are you ready to be thrilled by all of the diamonds rush emotions?

The main objective of the game is to learn and grow rich by exploring diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the mines in Australia. Who manage to earn the most at the end of the game wins.

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Australian Diamonds










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